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Class Aves
Order Galliformes


Odontophoridae—Quail // Phasianidae—Grouse, Ptarmigans, and Turkeys

Galliformes—Grouse, Quail, Turkeys, and Relatives

The Galliformes include such familiar forms as the domestic chicken, turkeys, and quail. Perhaps somewhat less familiar are the various grouse, prairie chickens, and ptarmigans. All have in common the focus on ground dwelling, though capable of at least short flight. As a result, they are expert at evading predators on foot, though readily taking to the air for short distances if pressed or startled. Our forms do not migrate except for short distances or elevationally with season. With rather specific ecological habitats and little movement of any distance, they often are useful for environmental reconstruction.


Last Update: 10 Sep 2008