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Class Mammalia
Order Lagomorpha
Family Leporidae


Alilepus wilsoni White 1991—Wilson's RabbitRegional Pleistocene distribution of Alilepus wilsoni

White (1991) noted that the P3 of this species differs from that of other species of Alilepus in its small size, comparable to that of Aluralagus virginiae. It also differed in that the innermost part of the posterior external reentrant widened and was deflected anteriorly. Although similar in size to Aluralagus virginiae, it differs in having the anterior lateral reentrant more deeply incised and in the characters of the posterior external reentrant noted above.

Ruez (2007) indicated that Alilepus wilsoni matches the morphology of Aluralagus virginiae while differing in several aspects from other species of Alilepus and the closely related Pratilepus.


Late Blancan: San Simon Fauna (Morgan and White 2005).

Literature. Ruez 2007; Morgan and White 2005; White 1991.


Last Update: 9 Oct 2013