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Class Mammalia
Order Artiodactyla
Suborder Tylopoda
Family Camelidae


Megatylopus cochrani—Cochran's CamelRegional Pleistocene distribution of Megatylopus cochrani

According to Kurtén and Anderson (1980), the ancestor to Camelops likely was within this genus.


Late Blancan: San Simon Fauna (Morgan and White 2005: ?).


Kurtén and Anderson 1980; Morgan and White 2005.


Palaeolama sp.—Ancient LlamaRegional Pleistocene distribution of Paleolama

Palaeolama "is characterized by a large, double-rooted P3 and weak 'llama buttresses' on the lower molars and is distinguished from Hemiauchenia by its complex P4 (with multiple fossetids), low-crowned cheek teeth, and stocky limbs" (Kurtén and Anderson 1980:308).


Late Blancan: La Union (Morgan and Lucas 2003).

Late Blancan/Irvingtonian: Anza-Borrego (Webb et al. 2006).

Irvingtonian: El Golfo (Croxen et al. 2007).

?Late Irvingtonian/Rancholabrean: Emery Borrow Pit (Jefferson 1991b).

Late Wisconsin: Park Place (Jefferson 2014).

Literature. Croxen et al. 2007; Jefferson 2014; Kurtén and Anderson 1980; Morgan and Lucas 2003.


Last Update: 22 Apr 2014