Class Mammalia
Order Perissodactyla
Family Equidae


Nannippus peninsulatus—Peninsula Gazelle-horseRegional Pleistocene distribution of Nannippus

Members of the genus Nannippus are slenderly built three-toed horses that became extinct in the Late Blancan at about 2.2 mya (Morgan and Lucas 2005).

Partial right dentary with p2-p3 of Nannippus peninsulatus Anterior and side views of phalanx I, Nannippus peninsulatus
partial left upper cheek tooth, lateral and occusal views, Nannippus peninsulatus Phalanx III, dorsal and lingual views, Nannippus peninsulatus

Fig. 1. Nannippus peninsulatus from the vicinity of Anapra, Doña Ana Co., New Mexico (Mesilla Basin Fauna A). Upper left: Occlusal and lateral views of a partial right dentary with p3-p4. Upper right: Anterior and lateral views of the first phalanx. Lower left: Partial upper left cheek tooth, lateral and occlusal views. Lower right: Dorsal and lateral views of the third phalanx.


Late Blancan: 111 Ranch (Morgan and White 2005); Santo Domingo (Morgan and Lucas 2003).

Literature. Morgan and Lucas 2003, 2005; Morgan and White 2005.


Last Update: 16 Mar 2013