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Class Mammalia
Order Artiodactyla
Family Bovidae


Pumilovis richwhitei Mead and Czaplewski 2009—White's Diminutive SheepRegional Pleistocene distribution of Pumilovis richwhitei

Pumilovis richwhitei is "smaller than any known living taxon or described fossil taxon on the continent" (Mead and Czaplewski 2009: 563). This member of the subfamily Caprinae was described from the late Blancan (ca. 2.47 mya) of the 111 Ranch site in southern Arizona on the basis of a right frontal with a near-complete horn core and an associated occipital fragment (Mead and Czaplewski 2009).


Late Blancan: 111 Ranch (Mead and Czaplewski 2009).

Literature. Mead and Czaplewski 2009.


Last Update: 6 May 2014