Mosquito Identification: Larvae


mosquito larvaWith the increasing importance of mosquito-borne diseases in the United States, identification becomes even more important than in the past. However, identification guides are difficult to come by. These pages offer a set of images and accompanying text produced by the Centers for Disease Control for the generic identification of mosquito larvae. The images have been digitized by the Laboratory for Environmental Biology from slides originally produced by the CDC in the 1970s.

Users may view the slides and text online or may open the presentation in PDF format (warning: the pdf file is large, over 9 mb).

The slide set is designed to be presented in a specific order to allow the building of the identification process: Slide 1. A link at the bottom of each page will advance you to the next slide. If, however, you wish to go directly to the section testing your knowledge, you may go to slide 83.


Last update: 27 Oct 2004