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La Botana

MEXICO: Sonora: ca. 490 m


Location of La Botana

Age. Rancholabrean, at least in part (White, et al. 2010).

General Description. Collections come from the Río Yaqui drainage, with presence of Bison indicating that at least some of the collected fauna is Rancholabrean in age (White et al. 2010). Taxa unidentified to a useful category include birds, a carnivore, a camel, and a pronghorn. (White, et al. 2010).


Mammuthus sp.—Mammoth (White, et al. 2010)
Glyptotherium sp.—Glyptodont (White, et al. 2010)
Equus sp.—Horse (White, et al. 2010)
Odocoileus sp.—Odocoiline Deer (White, et al. 2010)
Bison sp.—Bison (White, et al. 2010)

Literature. White et al. 2010.


Last Update: 9 Nov 2013