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The MBAA will foster and develop effective alumni relations, grow COBA alumni membership, and cultivate pride in both COBA and UTEP. 


The MBAA seeks to enhance professional development opportunities by providing members with corporate engagements developing academic skills, peer leadership, and project management in a culture of excellence.  











  1. To create a sustainable organization that will empower current and future members to adapt operations according to their needs and academic/professional goals.
  2. To support the activities of The University of Texas at El Paso, The Alumni Association, and the College of Business Administration toward the realization of its mission and educational programs.
  3. To establish and promote goals and projects which strengthen the ties between the members, the College of Business Administration, the Alumni Association, and The University.
  4. To develop a calendar of activities, coordinate and host events for fundraising, networking, learning, student interaction, and professional advancement.
  5. Raise funds for the organization on a regular basis in order to become self-reliant. The MBAA should be able to sponsor its members when development opportunities appear.
  6. To show a personal commitment to The University and El Paso community by supporting philanthropic activities and encouraging others to do so as well.


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