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Pasos Ajenos

August 13, 2022 - March 4, 2023

Pasos Ajenos:  Social Justic and Inequalities in the Borderlands is an exhibition conceived to educate museum visitors about controversial social topics as a healing process toward understanding. This interactive exhibition invites visitors to play, learn, and explore ideas that are often abstract, in a tangible and creative way. By engaging multiple sense, visitors can bring social issues to life and leave with new understandings about history, race, gender, power, labor, segregation, immigration, and environmental justice. Pasos Ajenos is a contemporaneous display that tells the story of disempowered and dispossessed populations along the Boderlands during critical historic times. As a whole narrative, the exhibition aims to transform traditional museum spaces into locations of communal learning toward healing, empowerment, and inspiration. 


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Pasos Ajenos Reception