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Chair: Dr. Steve Crites, Dean, Graduate School
Dr. Jim Payne, Dean, College of Business Administration
Dr. Miguel Velez-Reyes, Professor and Chair, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Dr. Roger Gonzalez, Professor and Chair, Engineering Education and Leadership
Dr. Martine Ceberio, Professor, Computer Science
Dr. Eric MacDonald, Professor, Mechanical Engineering
Dr. S.K. Varma, Professor, Metallurgical, Materials, and Biomedical Engineering
Dr. Ivonne Santiago, Associate Professor, Civil Engineering
Dr. Methaq Abed, Associate Professor of Practice, Mechanical Engineering
Dr. Amit Lopes, Assistant Professor, Industrial, Manufacturing, and Systems Engineering
Ms. Marina Rivera, College Administrative Officer, College of Engineering
Ms. Leslie Trujillo, Undergraduate Senior, Metallurgical, Materials, and Biomedical Engineering
Ms. Jessica Christianson, Senior Director of Innovation and Sustainability, El Paso Electric
Mr. Bob Malone, Alumnus, President and CEO, Sonora Bank, San Angelo Texas