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Beverley Argus-Calvo

Ph.D., Educational Psychology and Special Services

Beverley Argus-Calvo, Ph.D. is associate dean for graduate studies and research for the UTEP College of Education (CoED). Argus-Calvo currently serves as an associate professor in the CoED’s Educational Diagnostician program in the Department of Educational Psychology and Special Services. Argus-Calvo began her education career as a teacher for learning disabled students in 1983. Since then, she has worked with children with special needs in elementary and secondary schools in the United States and Mexico. She worked as an educational diagnostician in New Mexico from 1997-1999. Argus-Calvo’s research and professional interests include binational education, extended learning, early college high school programs, music and arts based programs for elementary children in underserved communities, and working with families of children with special needs along the United States-Mexico border. Her work has been published in respected journals such as the College Student Journal, Multiple Voices for Ethnically Diverse Exceptional Learners, and the Rural Special Education Quarterly, books and international scholarly publications.

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