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College of Engineering | March 20, 2023

SHPE Hosts First-Ever LeaderSHPE Live Conference, UTEP MAES/SHPE Chapter Attends

UTEP MAES SHPE Chapter Attends Inaugural LeaderSHPE Live


The Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE) hosted its first-ever LeaderSHPE Live conference in Dallas, TX, from March 2-4, 2023. The conference, which replaces the previous Regional Leadership Development Conferences, offered attendees the opportunity to enhance their professional skills and expand their network through various workshops and events.

The University of Texas at El Paso MAES/SHPE chapter attended the Midwest conference with a total of 20 members, including officers and members of the chapter. This was the first time many of them attended a conference outside of El Paso, and they were excited to meet students from other universities across the Midwest and the rest of Texas.

"We are excited to see our members grow their professional skills and their knowledge on how to succeed in engineering," said Cesar Diaz, mechanical engineering student and UTEP SHPE/MAES President. "They come back motivated to continue the semester after learning different perspectives from professionals in the industry."

Thanks to the generous sponsorship of companies like Amazon, Dell, Bloomberg, and Blue Origin, and the support from the Student Government Association appropriations committee, the UTEP MAES/SHPE chapter was able to support 10 members and 8 officers to attend the conference, covering lodging and registration fees.

“The UTEP MAES/SHPE Chapter is achieving national preeminence for providing academic, leadership and professional competencies, impacting US STEM industries beyond preconceived boundaries,” said Peter Golding, professor of innovation and engineering leadership and SHPE/MAES Faculty Advisor. “Being an active member of this amazing student organization propels students into incredible professional opportunities in our region and impacts US engineering and innovation in the world beyond.”

This semester, SHPE National will host two more conferences, one in Arlington, VA, and one in Santa Clara, CA. With the success of the first-ever LeaderSHPE Live conference, attendees are eagerly looking forward to attending future events to further enhance their professional skills and expand their network.

Find out more about MAES/SHPE chapter at, Instagram @utepmaesshpe, and LinkedIn @UTEP MAES/SHPE.

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