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Resources for Faculty & Staff

This page provides resources for program directors, coordinators, and others involved in the promotion and direction of graduate programs and the recruitment of students. This section of the website also includes access to AppReview and information about graduate faculty and program reviews. Please contact Dr. Shannon Connelly if you have suggestions about the content provided here.

The Graduate School provides materials and support for program-based student recruitment, the professional development of graduate students and postdocs, and–more broadly–the promotion of graduate education. We offer a menu of training options for undergraduates considering graduate school, current graduate students, and postdocs.

The pamphlets below may be shared electronically or printed in their current form. Members of the UTEP community may email us to request printed copies, edits, or custom-made materials.

También se ofrecen información y apoyo en español.

This page and the resources it suggests provide sound general advice. That said, every situation is unique, and programs and opportunities are subject to change. Stay informed, make the best decision for you, and contact the Graduate School if you have suggestions for this page.