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Class Reptilia
Order Squamata
Suborder Serpentes
Family Colubridae


Bogertophis subocularis (Brown 1901)—Trans-Pecos Rat SnakeDistribution of fossil Bogertophis subocularis.

Synonyms. Elaphe subocularis

Trans-Pecos Rat Snake. Photograph by Carl S. Lieb. The present range of this snake lies mostly south of south-central New Mexico. It does include part of New Mexico east of the Rio Grande as far north as Rincon. The Bishop's Cap sites are within the present range, but the U-Bar Cave record indicates earlier occurrence west of its present distribution. The occurrence at U-Bar Cave (F-227-1/F-227-2, top) appears to be either terminal Wisconsin or Holocene, most probably the latter.

Fig. 1. Trans-Pecos Rat Snake. Photograph by Carl S. Lieb.

Regional distribution map of Bogertophis subocularis

Fig. 2. Current distribution of Bogertophis subocularis. The heavy outline delimits the Chihuahuan Desert.


Pleistocene/Holocene: Wylde Cave (Brattstrom 1964).

Mid Wisconsin/Holocene: Shelter Cave (Brattstrom 1964).

Mid Wisconsin: Pendejo Cave (Harris 2003); U-Bar Cave (UTEP).

Mid/Late Wisconsin: Sierra Diablo Cave (UTEP).

Late Wisconsin: Upper Sloth Cave (Logan and Black 1979).

Late Wisconsin/Holocene: Conkling Cavern (Brattstrom 1964); Fowlkes Cave (Parmley 1990); U-Bar Cave (UTEP).

Literature. Brattstrom 1964; Harris 2003; Logan and Black 1979; Parmley 1990.


Last Update: 16 Jan 2013