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Class Reptilia
Order Squamata
Suborder Serpentes
Family Colubridae


Arizona elegans—Glossy Snake // Bogertophis subocularis—Trans-Pecos Rat Snake // Chionactis occipitalis—Western Shovel-nosed Snake // Coluber/Masticophis—Racer/Coachwhip // Gyalopion canum—Chihuahuan Hook-nosed Snake // Lampropeltis—Kingsnakes // Masticophis flagellum—Coachwhip // Masticophis mentovarius—Tropical Whipsnake // Opheodrys aestivus—Rough Green Snakee // Opheodrys vernalis—Smooth Green Snake // Pantherophis emoryi—Great Plains Rat Snake // Pituophis catenifer—Gopher Snake // Rhinocheilus lecontei—Long-nosed Snake // Salvadora sp.—Patch-nosed Snakes // Sonora sp.—Ground Snakes // Tantilla sp.—Black-headed Snakes // Trimorphodon—Lyre Snakes

Colubridae—Harmless Egg-laying Snakes

The Colubridae encompasses most of the common snakes of our region. Colubrids are pretty much worldwide in distribution and on most continents are the most numerous snakes in terms of species richness. It thus comes as no surprise that more species of colubrids are identified as fossils from our region than are those from any other family of snakes.


Last Update: 6 Oct 2014