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Class Aves
Order Passeriformes
Family Emberizidae


Aimophila—Aimophila Sparrows // Ammodramus—Ammodramus Sparrows // Amphispiza—Amphispiza Sparrows // Artemisiospiza—Artemisiospiza Sparrows // Calamospiza melanocorys—Lark Bunting // Chondestes grammacus—Lark Sparrow // Junco—Juncos // Melozone—Brown Towhees // Melospiza melodia—Song Sparrow // Passerculus sandwichensis—Savannah Sparrow // Passerella iliaca—Fox Sparrow // Pipilo—Towhees // Pooecetes gramineus—Vesper Sparrow // Spizella passerina—Chipping Sparrow // Zonotrichia leucophrys—White-crowned Sparrow

Emberizidae—Sparrows, Buntings, and Towhees

The Emberizidae is a huge family of advanced passeriformes with well over 100 North American species. Many are of similar sizes and few workers are able to identify them with any high degree of certainty.


Last Update: 25 Aug 2014