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Class Mammalia
Order Rodentia
Family Cricetidae
Subfamily Neotominae
Genus Neotoma


Neotoma devia/lepida Arizona/Desert WoodratRegional Pleistocene distribution of Neotoma devia/lepida

During much of the time covered by paleontological studies in our region, populations of Neotoma devia were considered to belong to N. lepida. Neotoma lepida devia and associated populations east and south of the Colorado River were later raised to the specific level as N. devia. There remains some doubts as to the nature of various populations in Arizona, California, and northern Mexico (see the discussion in Verts and Carraway (2002). These uncertainties seem to be best handled by the viewing records as N. devia/lepida.


Mid Wisconsin:Artillery Mountains C (Van Devender and King (1971).

Mid/Late Wisconsin: Chuar Valley (Cole and Mead 1981).

Late Wisconsin: Nankoweap Canyon (Cole and Mead 1981); Rampart Cave (Van Devender et al. 1977); Tinajas Altas Mountains (Mead et al. 2005); Vulture Canyon (Mead et al. 2005); Window Rock (Mead et al. 2005).

Literature. Cole and Mead 1981; Mead et al. 2005; Van Devender and King 1971; Van Devender et al. 1977; Verts and Carraway 2002.


Last Update: 13 Jul 2014