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Class Amphibia
Order Anura
Family Craugastoridae


Craugastor augusti (Dugés 1877)—Barking FrogDistribution of fossil Craugastor augusti

Barking Frog, Craugastor augusti. Carl S. Lieb photograph.

Synonyms. Eleutherodactylus augusti, Hylactophryne augusti.

Fig. 1. A modern specimen of Craugastor augusti. Photograph courtesy of Carl Lieb.

Perceived rarity may be because it apparently spends much of its time in deep limestone crevices and other such protected places.

Applegarth (1979) summarized modern occurrences in southeastern New Mexico and reported remains from Dark Canyon Cave and two archaeological sites (one of which may have had Pleistocene material present). "In Arizona, it is rare in habitats similar to the la [sic] Brisca fossil site" (Van Devender et al. 1985:34).


Sangamon: La Brisca (Van Devender et al. 1985).

Mid/Late Wisconsin: Dark Canyon Cave (Applegarth 1979).

Literature. Applegarth 1979; Van Devender et al. 1985.


Last Update: 6 Nov 2008