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Class Osteichthyes


Dorosoma petenense —Threadfin Shad // Oncorhynchus clarkii—Cutthroat Trout // Oncorhynchus mykiss—Rainbow Trout // Agosia chrysogaster—Longfin Dace // Gila sp.—Chubs // Gila bicolor—Tui Chub // Gila elegans—Bonytail Chub // Gila orcutti—Arroyo Chub // Gila robusta—Roundtail Chub // Poeciliopsis—Topminnow // Ptychocheilus—Pike-minnow // Rhinichthys osculus—Speckled Dace // Catostomus discobolus—Bluehead Sucker // Xyrauchen—Razorback Suckers // Ictalurus sp.—Catfish // Gasterosteus aculeatus—Three-spined Stickleback // Cottus sp.—Freshwater Sculpins // Leptocottus armatus—Pacific Staghorn Sculpin // Eucyclogobius sp.—Tidewater Gobies // Mugil cephalus—Flathead Grey Mullet

Class Osteichthyes—Bony FishRegional Pleistocene distribution of Osteichthyes

Most permanent bodies of water in the Southwest have one or more species of fish as inhabitants, and ephemeral streams may temporarily support fish. Thus, presence of "fish," without further identification, is relatively uninformative. Fish do, of course, imply presence of water within some distance of a site, but that distance may be highly variable. Various species of birds may capture or scavenge fish and later deposit the fish remains at a distant site. Harris (1977) suggested that most carry-in elements likely originate from less than 6 miles away, and that there is a practical limit of about 15-20 miles. Thus in areas currently extremely arid, some useful information on the presence of permanent water may be obtained.


Pleistocene: Perico Creek (Morgan and Lucas 2005).

Early/Medial Irvingtonian: East Isleta (Morgan and Lucas 2005).

Rancholabrean: Tramperos Creek (Morgan and Lucas 2005).

Late Pleistocene (?): Variadero (Morgan and Lucas 2005).

Early Wisconsin/Early Mid-Wisconsin: Lost Valley (Harris 1993c).

Late Wisconsin: Animal Fair 18-20 ka (Harris 1989); Lake San Agustín (Morgan and Lucas 2005); U-Bar Cave 14-15 ka (Harris 1989); U-Bar Cave 15-18 ka (Harris 1989); VLA (Morgan and Lucas 2005) .

Late Wisconsin/Holocene: Balcony Room (Harris 1993c).

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