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Class Osteichthyes
Order Cypriniformes
Family Catostomidae


Regional Pleistocene distribution of Xyrauchen sp.Xyrauchen sp.—Razorback Sucker

Croxen et al. (2007) reported this fish from El Golfo, Sonora, Mexico.


Irvingtonian: El Golfo (Croxen et al. 2007.

Literature Cited. Croxen et al. 2007.


Regional Pleistocene distribution of Xyrauchen texanusXyrauchen texanus (Abbott 1860)—Razorback Sucker

Historically present in medium and large rivers of the Colorado River Basin (Page and Burr 1991).


Late Blancan/Irvingtonian: Anza-Borrego Desert (Gensler et al. 2006: cf.)

?Rancholabrean: Tower EP 353 (Jefferson 2014).

Rancholabrean: Flowing Wells no. 3, East Mesa (Jefferson 1991a).

Late Wisconsin/Early Holocene: Miles Avenue Bridge (Jefferson 2014).

Literature. Gensler et al. 2006; Jefferson 1991a, 2014; Page and Burr 1991.


Last Update: 9 Apr 2015