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Class Amphibia
Order Anura
Family Scaphiopodidae


Scaphiopus/Spea—Spadefoots // Scaphiopus couchii—Couch's Spadefoot // Spea—Spea Spadefoots


Synonyms. Pelobatidae

The spadefoot toads are widespread in the lower elevations of our region. Dry and cold seasons normally are spent in limbo underground; the summer rains bring them to the surface to feed and, above all, to reproduce. At the start of the summer rainy season, temporary ponds are ringed with calling spadefoots. With luck, the eggs will hatch and the larvae mature before the ponds dry up.

Most of the literature concerning fossil spadefoot toads in our region placed them in the family Pelobatidae and all of them in the genus Scaphiopus. Our spadefoots now are placed in the Scaphiopodidae and the genus has been split into two: Scaphiopus and Spea.


Last Update: 31 Dec 2009