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Class Mammalia
Order Rodentia
Family Cricetidae
Subfamily Arvicolinae


Mictomys kansasensis—Kansas Bog Lemming // Mictomys vetus—Old Bog Lemming // Mimomys sp.—Water Voles

Mictomys sp.—Bog LemmingsRegional Pleistocene distribution of Mictomys sp.

Synonyms. Synaptomys sp.

Mictomys sometimes is considered a subgenus of Synaptomys.


Late Blancan: California Wash (Morgan and White 2005).

Literature. Morgan and White 2005.


Mictomys kansasensis (Hibbard 1952)—Kansas Bog LemmingRegional Pleistocene distribution of Mictomys kansasensis.

Synonyms. Synaptomys kansasensis

Mictomys is reported from six sites within SAM Cave; specimens identifiable to species (M. kansasensis) occur in four of these (Rogers et al. 2000). Although Rogers et al. treat this as a genus, Musser and Carleton (2005) consider it to be a subgenus of Synaptomys, currently represented by the Northern Bog Lemming (Synaptomys borealis).


Early Irvingtonian: El Casco, San Timoteo Badlands (Albright 2000).

Medial Irvingtonian: SAM Cave (Rogers et al. 2000).

Literature. Albright 2000; Musser and Carleton 2005; Rogers et al. 2000.


Mictomys vetus Wilson 1933—Old Bog LemmingRegional Pleistocene distribution of Mictomys vetus.

Synonyms. Synaptomys vetus


Late Blancan: 111 Ranch (Morgan and White 2005).

Late Blancan/Irvingtonian: Anza-Borrego (Murray 2008).

Literature. Morgan and White 2005; Murray 2008.


Mimomys sp.—Water VolesRegional Pleistocene distribution of Mimomys sp.

According to Murray (2008), the record of Mimomys (Cosomys) from Anza-Borrego probably is referable to Ophiomys parvus. The San Timoteo Badlands record was given as Mimomys (Ophiomys) sp. (Albright 2000).


Late Blancan: Jack Rabbit Trail, San Timoteo Badlands (Albright 2000).

Irvingtonian: Anza-Borrego (Murray 2008).

Literature. Albright 2000; Murray 2008.


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