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Class Mammalia
Order Rodentia
Family Cricetidae
Subfamily Neotominae
Genus Neotoma


Neotoma albigula Hartley 1894—White-throated WoodratPleistocene distribution of Neotoma albigula

Synonyms: N. leucodon.

See the discussion under N. leucodon, earlier considered to fall within N. albigula.

Neotoma albigula is widespread today west of the Rio Grande from desert into woodland and occasionally higher. It shares its general range in the eastern portion of its distribution with the Southern Plains Woodrat (N. micropus); however, under those conditions, it often is limited to areas of exposed rock, with the other species out in the intermontane basins. Its status in relation to N. leucodon in southern Chihuahua is unknown and is arbitrarily placed here.

Medial view of posterior dentary of Neotoma albigula showing the nature of the mandibular foramen   Upper and lower dentition of Neotoma albigula/leucodon

Fig. 1 (left). Posterior portion of the dentary of Neotoma albigula showing the nature of the mandibular foramen. Fig. 2 (right). Upper and lower cheek teeth of N. albigula.


Mid Wisconsin: Long Canyon Saddle Midden, Sheep Range (Jefferson et al. 2015); Papago Springs Cave (Czaplewski and Mead et al. 1999: cf.); Screaming Neotoma Cave (Glennon 1994); U-Bar Cave (Harris 1987).

Mid/Late Wisconsin/Holocene: Jimenez Cave (Messing 1986).

Late Wisconsin: Picacho Peak (Van Devender et al. 1991: cf.); Potosi Mountain (Mead and Murray 1991); Screaming Neotoma Cave (Glennon 1994); U-Bar Cave 13-14 ka (Harris 1989); U-Bar Cave 14-15 ka (Harris 1989); U-Bar Cave 15-18 ka (Harris 1989); U-Bar Cave 18-20 ka (Harris 1989).

Late Wisconsin/Holocene: Baldy Peak Cave (Harris 1993c: cf.); Deadman Cave (Mead et al. 1984); Howell's Ridge Cave (Harris 1984b); Isleta Cave No. 1 (Harris 1984b); Isleta Cave No. 2 (Harris 1984b); Wolcott Peak (Mead et al. 1983).

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Last Update: 6 Apr 2015