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Class Mammalia
Order Rodentia
Family Cricetidae
Subfamily Neotominae
Genus Neotoma


Neotoma goldmani Merriam 1903—Goldman's WoodratPleistocene regional distribution of Neotoma ? goldmani.

Fossil Neotoma ? goldmani dentaryAlthough showing some slight similarity to N. lepida, specimens from two sites in southern New Mexico show statistically significant differences in other characters and appear to be more like N. goldmani than any other species compared (Harris 1984b). Nevertheless, there are enough differences from N. goldmani to justify the "?". Part of the problem may have to do with the small sample size of modern N. goldmani available (n=8). However, the fossil specimens are from probable mid Wisconsin sites and differences may be due to evolutionary changes.

Today, N. goldmani occurs in eastern Mexico almost north to the Big Bend of Texas. A continuous distribution northward through the mountain ranges of Trans-Pecos Texas and into southeastern New Mexico would not be startling, and this rare rat may well occur today north of its recognized range. It probably is an inhabitant today of rocky areas in arid mountains (Harris 1984b).

Fig. 1. Left dentary of Neotoma goldmani with all teeth. UTEP 22-1690, Animal Fair F2 L10. Scale in mm.

Current distribution of Neotoma goldmani

Fig. 2. Current distribution of Neotoma goldmani. After Hrachovy, Bradley, and Jones.


Rancholabrean: Anthony Gap Cave (Harris 1984b: ?).

Mid/Late Wisconsin: Animal Fair (Harris 1984b: ?)

Literature. Harris 1984b; Hrachovy, Bradley, and Jones 1996.


Last Update: 7 Sep 2009