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Class Mammalia
Order Rodentia
Family Cricetidae
Subfamily Neotominae


Peromyscus imperfectus Dice 1925— Imperfect MouseRegional Pleistocene distribution of Peromyscus imperfectus

The type locality is Rancho La Brea (Dice 1925):

Size about that of Peromyscus maniculatus gambelii. Small accessory tubercules present on M1 and M2. Palatine slits proportionally longer and shelf of bony palate proportionally shorter than in the skulls of other species of the genus. The palatine slits are wide in front as in P. m. gambelii and not narrowed anteriorly as in P. eremicus fraterculus and in P. e. [sic] crinitis.


Mid/Late Wisconsin: Rancho La Brea (Dice 1925).

Late Wisconsin: Maricopa (Jefferson 1991b).

Literature. Dice 1925; Jefferson 1991b.


Last Update: 15 Jul 2014