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Class Mammalia
Order Rodentia
Family Cricetidae
Subfamily Neotominae
Genus Peromyscus


Peromyscus nesodytes Wilson 1936—Giant Deer MouseRegional Pleistocene distribution of Peromyscus nesodytes

Wilson described this species in 1936 (p. 408):

Partially bipartite antero-median cusp in M1. Antero-internal valley in M1 V-shaped. No accessory tubercles on cheek-teeth. Size very large, slightly larger than Peromyscus antiquus. Length of tooth-row, M1-M3, 5.9 mm.


Mid/Late Wisconsin: Arlington Canyon, Santa Rosa Island (Jefferson 1991b); San Miguel Island (Guthrie 1998).

Literature. Cornely et al. 1981; Guthrie 1998; Jefferson 1991b.


Last Update: 15 Jul 2014