Checklist of the Birds of the El Paso Region


Nomenclature follows the AOU's Checklist of North American Birds, 7th ed., 1998. This checklist is based primarily on Birds of El Paso County, Texas, and Adjacent Areas, 7th Ed., 1987. Compilers were Jeff Donaldson; Bettie Roberts; John A. Sproul, Jr.; and Barry R. Zimmer. Publisher is the El Paso/Trans-Pecos Audubon Society. Much more information is covered by that publication than in this checklist and any serious birder should contact the Society for a copy:

El Paso/Trans Pecos Audubon Society
PO Box 9655
El Paso, Texas 79986

Additional information is from the Fort Bliss checklist.

The region covered is that defined in the source above: El Paso County, TX; western half of Hudspeth County, TX; and southern one-third of Dona Aña County and adjacent Otero County, NM. Most species on the list have been recorded since 1976. Many of the birds on the checklist are not commonly seen in the area, being accidental, casual, or rare.

Further information is available about some of the species through links to modules of the Laboratory for Environmental Biology.

Because of the length of the checklist, it is divided into a number of pages, as indicated on the menu to the left. Links to the previous ("back") and next pages also are provided at the top and bottom of individual pages.

Maps suggesting the distribution within the Chihuahuan Desert Region are included for some species, but please note that these are not taken from the source indicated above, are not authoritative, are highly generalized, and indicate only probable occurrence within the desert region of the state(s) shown in black. For authoritative data concerning geographic ranges, consult the ornithological literature; for the USA, the Patuxent Bird Identification InfoCenter is an excellent web source for geographic ranges, images, and natural history information.


Last Update: 26 Feb 2006