Group II Butterflies


Group II: Species historically known from the El Paso/Cd. Juárez area, but are nevertheless of low probability of encounter because of biogeographic factors or habitat (non-desert) specializations. LPS = Low probability stray; MP = Peripheral, mid-elevation montane species

Papilionidae - Swallowtails

Species Common Name Status
Battus polydamus Polydamus swallowtail LPS
Papilio ornythiion Ornithion Swallowtail LPS
Papilio rutulus Western Tiger Swallowtail LPS/MP

Pieridae - Whites, Sulphurs

Species Common Name Status
Anteos clorinde White-angled Sulphur LPS
Anteos maerula Yellow-angled Sulphur LPS
Ascia monuste Great Southern White LPS
Eurema daira Barred Yellow LPS
Eurema dina Dina Yellow LPS
Phoebis statira Statira Sulphur LPS

Lycaenidae - Coppers, Hairstreaks, Blues

Species Common Name Status
Callophrys angustinus Brown Elfin MP
Euphilotes battoides Western Dotted Blue MP
Everes amyntula Western Tailed Blue MP
Everes comyntas Eastern Tailed Blue LPS
Strymon bebrycia Red-lined Scrub Hairstreak LPS

Riodinidae - Metalmarks

Species Common Name Status
Calephis rawsoni Rawson's Metalmark MP

Nymphalidae - Brushfoots

Species Common Name Status
Cercyonis meadii Mead's Wood Nymph MP
Cyllopsis pertepida Canyonland Satyr MP
Euptoieta hegesia Mexican Fritillary LPS
Heliconius charitonius Zebra Butterfly LPS
Megisto rubricata Red Satyr MP
Polygonia satyrus Satyr Comma LPS/MP
Siproeta epaphus Rusty-tipped Pag LPS
Smyrna blomfildia Blomfild's Beauty LPS

Hesperiidae - Skippers

Species Common Name Status
Amblyscirtes nereus Slaty Roadside Skipper MP
Ambylscirtes nysa Nysa Roadside Skipper MP
Amblyscirtes simius Simius Roadside Skipper MP
Atrytonopsis pittacus White-barred Skipper LPS
Cogia caicus Caicus Skipper MP
Epargyreus clarus Silver-spotted Skipper MP
Erynnis horatius Horace's Duskywing MP
Erynnis pacuvius Pacuvius Duskywing LPS
Erynnis persius Persius Duskwing MP
Erynnis telemachus Rocky Mountain Duskywing MP
Hesperia virids Green Skipper MP
Oarisma edwardsii Edwards Skipperling LPS
Poanes taxiles Taxiles Skipper MP
Polites rhesus Rhesus Skipper MP

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