Order Rodentia


Rodents are the largest of the mammalian orders. To keep pages relatively small, several groups of rodents are on separate pages, linked to the current page.

Order Rodentia: Rodents

Suborder Hystricognatha

Infraorder Hystricognathi

Family Erethizontidae: Porcupines

Erethizon dorsata: Porcupine

Family Myocastoridae

Myocastor coypus: Nutria

Suborder Myomorpha

Infraorder Myodonta

Superfamily Dipodoidea

Family Dipodidae (considered by many to be Zapodidae for the genus Zapus): Jumping Mice, Jerboas

Zapus hudsonius: Meadow Jumping Mouse

Zapus princeps: Western Jumping Mouse

Superfamily Muroidea

Family Muridae: Old World Rats and Mice

Family Cricetidae: "New World" Rats and Mice

Subfamily Arvicolinae: Voles, Lemmings, Muskrats

Subfamily Neotominae: Neotomine Mice and Rats

Subfamily Sigmodontinae: Sigmodontine Rats and Mice

Infraorder Geomorpha

Family Geomyidae

Family Heteromyidae

Suborder Sciuromorpha

Family Aplodontidae: Mountain Beavers

Aplodontia rufa: Mountain Beaver

Infraorder Sciurida

Family Sciuridae: Squirrels

Infraorder Castorimorpha

Family Castoridae: Beavers

Castor canadensis: Beaver


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