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New Mexican whiptail

The curated collections in the Division of Herpetology number in excess of 21,500 specimens. Most depth in coverage is for the Chihuahuan Desert region of the United States and México, and in many cases includes specimens from populations not represented in other museums. Coverage of the United States and the remainder of México is otherwise synoptic, although there are minor holdings of significance representing southeastern México, eastern Europe, Malaysia, and Belize. The collection database is attainable via HerpNET.

Figure: New Mexican Whiptail Lizard, copyright: C.S. Lieb

Herpetological holdings at UTEP that may be of interest to investigators not familiar with the collection include:

The present curators of the Division of Herpetology are Robert G. Webb (emeritus) and Associate Curator Carl S. Lieb. Specimens are available for loan on an inter-institutional basis; inquiries may be directed to either of the curatorial staff (915-747-6985; FAX: 915-747-5808; E-mail: clieb@utep.edu).

The division supports a checklist of amphibians and reptiles of the El Paso-Juarez Border Region.


Last Update: 24 Jan 2011