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Vertebrate Paleobiology


The Vertebrate Paleobiology collections concentrate on Southwestern Pleistocene fossils, primarily from New Mexican cave faunas, although small numbers of other fossils are held.

More than 37,000 lots (over 70,000 individual specimens) are in the computerized catalogue. This catalogue includes specimens for which the Laboratory (LEB) acts as repository, both permanent and temporary. The LEB currently is repository for large numbers of specimens from lands of the Bureau of Land Management and sites under the jurisdiction of the Department of Defense.

The primary focus is upon late Pleistocene Southwestern faunas, although there are some Holocene archaeological holdings and some Tertiary material as well. This emphasis primarily reflects the research interests of the curator, Arthur H. Harris, who has maintained and added to the collections since their initial organization in 1965.

The major components of the Vertebrate Paleobiology collections, and those of special interest, include the following:

Checklist of Late Pleistocene (Wisconsin Age) fossil taxa from within about 60 miles of El Paso. Pleistocene Vertebrates of New Mexico and Trans-Pecos Texas. A book-length work based on the LEB collection and the technical literature. This work also is being released in e-book form: see E-BOOK1


Last Update: 10 Aug 2012