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Richard D. Worthington


Dr. Worthington is the Curator of the Herbarium. He received his Ph.D. in Zoology and Ecology from the University of Maryland, College Park, in 1968. Since the middle 1970s, his interests have been focused on plant diversity in the southwestern United States.

Portrait of Richard D. Worthington

The focus of research activities out of the herbarium concerns the documentation of the flora across southern New Mexico and in western Texas. Since starting that project, Dr. Worthington has made more than 25,000 plant collections. Coverage includes bryophytes, hepatics, and lichens. Exchange programs and expeditions to tropical America and Southeast Asia have greatly enriched the collection. Collaborative studies in areas such as pollination ecology, fire ecology, pollution effects on plants, plant cytogenetics, plant systematics, et al., have come opportunistically from the enormous data base that has been accumulated over the last 20 years.

Some recent publications:

Worthington, R. D. 1989. An annotated checklist of the native and naturalized flora of El Paso County, Texas. El Paso Southwest Botanical Miscellany No. 1. 56 pp.

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Worthington, R. D. 1997. "Nomenclatural changes, additions, and corrections to an annotated checklist of the native and naturalized flora of El Paso County, Texas." El Paso Southwest Botanical Miscellany 2:1-27.

Worthington, R. D. 1998. Additions to the moss flora of New Mexico. EVANSIA 15:95-98. (with K. W. Allred and C. Darigo)

Worthington, R. D. 2003. Grimmia bernoullii Mueller Hal. in the United States. Evansia 20(3):104-106 (with W. A. Weber and R. C. Whittmann)

Worthington, R. D. 2005. Desert vegetation and timing of solar radiation. Journal of Arid Land Environments 60(4):697-707 (with J. C. Walton and F. Martinez-Gonzalez)

Worthington, R. D. 2007. Chamaesyce theriaca (L. C. Wheeler) Shinners var. spurca (M. C. Johnston) M. H. Mayfield (Euphorbiaceae, Terlingua Spurge). The New Mexico Botanist 39:7.

Worthington, R. D. 2009. Cyperus pseudothyrsiflorus (Kukenthal) R. Carter and S. D. Jones (Cyperaceae) [Plant Distribution Reports].The New Mexico Botanist 48:7.

Worthington, R. D., and A. L. Metcalf. 1997. Additions to the present and Quaternary gastropod faunas of the Franklin Mountains, El Paso County, Texas. Southwestern Naturalist 42:471-477.

Richard D. Worthington
Laboratory for Environmental Biology
Centennial Museum
University of Texas at El Paso
El Paso, TX 79968-0519

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