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MEXICO: Sonora


Location of Arizpe

Age. Probably Rancholabrean, though Irvingtonian not ruled out.

General Description. White et al. (2010) note that there are various taxa from sediments along the Río Sonora and its tributary to the northwest (Río Bacanuchi) that have been grouped under the locality name Arizpe. Osborn (1929) described Archidiskodon sonoriensis, thought by Lucas and Gonzalez-León (1996) to be a synonym of Mammuthus imperator, from 1 mile east of Arizpe on the Sonora River. A gomphothere, if correctly identified, probably is pre-Pleistocene (White et al. 2010).


Trachemys scripta—Slider (White et al. 2010)
Meleagris gallopavo—Wild Turkey (Steadman 1980: cf.)
Mammuthus imperator—Imperial Mammoth (Lucas and Gonzalez-León)
Equus francisci—Stilt-legged Onager (White et al. 2010)

Equus tau

Bison sp.—Bison (White et al. 2010)

Literature. Lucas and Gonzalez-León 1996; Osborn 1929; Steadman 1980; White et al. 2010.


Last Update: 8 Nov 2013