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MEXICO: Sonora


Location of Bachoco

Age. Rancholabrean (White, et al. 2010).

General Description. A road cut now covered by the dammed water of Presa Álvaro Obregón northeast of Ciudad Obregón (White, et al. 2010).

Table 1 in White et al. (2010) lists Euceratherium, but the text indicates that the specimen could not be found and may have been based on an isolated tooth of Bison. They also list two generically unidentified camels and a possible gomphothere from the site.


Mammuthus sp.— (White, et al. 2010)
Equus sp.—Horse (White, et al. 2010)
Bison sp.—Bison (White, et al. 2010)

Literature. White et al. 2010.


Last Update: 9 Nov 2013