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Sheep Range

NV: Clark Co.


Sheep RangeAge. Late and Mid Wisconsin, with 14C dates ranging from 19,400 ± 300 to >44,600 (Mead and Spaulding 1995).

General Description. Woodrat middens containing fecal pellets of Ochotona princeps. Four sites within the range are cited, one with skeletal remains as well as fecal pellets (Mead and Spaulding 1995).


Ochotona princeps—American Pika (Mead and Spaulding 1995)

Jefferson et al. (2015) list one specific Pleistocene site from the Sheep Range: Flaherty Mesa #1 with Ochotona princeps and Neotoma sp. They also list the Sheep Range for Ochotona princeps without indication of individual sites. Other sites from the Sheep Range are listed separately.

Literature. Jefferson et al. 2015; Mead and Spaulding 1995.


Last Update: 2 Apr 2015