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Index to the Regional Pleistocene Orders and Families of Class Mammalia

The following list of taxa will take you to the named group. Links to lower-level taxa are on the appropriate pages. Some liberties have been taken with common names in order to better serve non-biologists.


Order Didelphimorphia, Family Didelphidae – Virginia Opossum

Order Proboscidea – Mastodont, Gomphotheres, and Mammoths

Family Elephantidae – Mammoths

Family Gomphotheriidae – Gomphotheres

Family Mammutidae – Mastodons

Order Sirenia – Sea Cows

Family Dugongidae – Sirenians

Order Cingulata – Armadillo-like Xenarthrans

Family Dasypodidae – Armadillos

Family Glyptodontidae – Glyptodonts

Family Pampatheriidae – Pampatheres

Order Pilosa – Sloths

Family Megalonychidae – Megalonychid Sloths

Family Nothrotheriidae – Nothotheriid Ground Sloths

Family Mylodontidae – Mylodontid Ground Sloths

Family Myrmecophagidae – Anteaters

Order Rodentia – Rodents

Family Sciuridae – Squirrels

Family Castoridae – Beaver

Family Heteromyidae – Pocket Mice and Kangaroo Rats

Family Geomyidae – Pocket Gophers

Family Cricetidae – Native Mice and Rats

Subfamily Arvicolinae – Voles

Subfamily Neotominae – Mice and Rats

Subfamily Sigmodontinae – Sigmodontine Rodents

Family Erethizontidae – American Porcupine

Family Caviidae – Capybaras and Relatives

Order Lagomorpha – Pikas, Hares, and Rabbits

Family Leporidae – Jackrabbits and Cottontails

Family Ochotonidae – Pikas

Order Eulipotyphla – Shrews and Moles

Family Soricidae – Shrews

Family Talpidae – Moles

Order Chiroptera – Bats

Family Phyllostomidae – Leaf-nosed Bats

Family Molossidae – Free-tailed Bats

Family Vespertilionidae – Common Bats

Carnivora – Carnivores

Family Felidae – Cats

Family Hyaenidae – Hyaenas

Family Canidae – Wolves, Coyotes, and Foxes

Family Ursidae – Bears

Family Felidae/Ursidae – Cats or Bears

Family Otariidae – Eared Seals

Family Phocidae – Earless Seals

Family Mustelidae – Weasels and Ferrets

Family Mephitidae – Skunks

Family Procyonidae – Ringtails and Raccoons

Order Perissodactyla – Tapirs and Horses

Family Equidae – Horses

Family Tapiridae – Tapirs

Order Artiodactyla – Even-toed Ungulates

Suborder Suiformes

Family Tayassuidae – Peccaries

Suborder Tylopoda

Family Camelidae – Camels

Suborder Ruminantia

Family Cervidae – Deer

Family Antilocapridae – Pronghorns ("Antelopes")

Family Bovidae – Bison, Sheep, and Relatives

Order Cetacea – Whales

Suborder Mysticeti

Suborder Odontoceti


Last Update: 8 Apr 2019