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Tecopa Lake Beds

CA: Inyo Co.


Tecopa Lake BedsAge. Late Blancan. Most of the fossils were found somewhat below the Huckleberry Ridge Tuff, dated at 2.1 mya (Woodburne and Whistler 2005).

General Description. Lake and lake-marginal deposits of Lake Tecopa (Woodburne and Whistler 2005).

I have followed Whistler and Webb (2005) in being more conservative in identifications than were Woodburne and Whistler (1995).

This is the type locality for Capricamelus gettyi Whistler and Webb 2005.


Phoenicopterus sp.—Flamingo (Woodburne and Whistler 1991: ? gen.)
Mammuthus sp.—Mammoths (Woodburne and Whistler 1991: cf. gen.)
Otospermophilus bensoni—Benson Ground Squirrel (Woodburne and Whistler 1991: cf.)

Spermophilus cf. S. bensoni

Dipodomys spp.—Kangaroo Rats (two new species) (Woodburne and Whistler 1991)
Neotoma sp.—Woodrats (Woodburne and Whistler 1991)
Peromyscus sp.—Deer Mouse (Woodburne and Whistler 1991)
Repomys sp.—Repomys Mice (Woodburne and Whistler 1991: "appears to be more Neotoma-like")
Sigmodon sp.—Cotton Rats (Woodburne and Whistler 1991)
Hypolagus limnetus—Hagerman Rabbit (Woodburne and Whistler 1991: cf.)
Notiosorex sp.—Gray Shrew (Whistler and Webb 2005)
Sorex sp.—Long-tailed Shrews (Whistler and Webb 2005)
Vulpes sp.—Red Foxes (Woodburne and Whistler 1991: ? gen.)
Equus sp. (small)—Small Horse (Woodburne and Whistler 1991: cf. gen.)
Equus sp. (large)—Large Horse (Woodburne and Whistler 1991: cf. gen.)
Capricamelus gettyi—Getty's Goatlike Camel (Whistler and Webb 2005)
Camelops sp.—American Camels (Woodburne and Whistler 1991: cf. gen.)
Hemiauchenia spp.—American Llamas (2 species) (Woodburne and Whistler 1991: cf. gen.)
Titanotylopus sp.—Giant Camel (Woodburne and Whistler 1991: cf. gen.)

Literature. Woodburne and Whistler 1991; Whistler and Webb 2005.


Last Update: 30 May 2014