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Class Eusuchia

Family Crocodylidae


Crocodylus acuta—American Crocodile

Regional Pleistocene distribution of Crocodylus acuta

A few teeth from Térapa, Sonora, are tentatively identified as crocodile. The material is insufficient to identify morphologically to genus, but is tentatively placed as Crocodylus acuta solely because that is the most logical identification on the basis of the present-day distribution of crocodiles (Mead et al. 2006). Térapa is north and inland of the current main distribution of the American Crocodile, though apparently occasional individuals are noted far up the Gulf of California (Mead et al. 2006)


Mid Wisconsin: Térapa (Mead et al. 2006: cf. gen. et sp.).

Literature. Mead et al. 2006.


Last Update: 1 Nov 2013