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Changes, April - June 2010


This page documents meaningful changes between 1 April and 30 June 2010.

5 Apr 2010: Lower Sloth Cave: Cryptotis parva deleted from faunal list; Sorex merriami added; S. neomexicanus lowered from "present" to S. merriami/S. neomexicanus; Sorex cinereus confirmed; Neotoma cinerea and N. mexicana (upper level) confirmed.

21 Apr 2010: Upper Sloth Cave: a paragraph added noting that specimens of Neotoma inspected from the cave are all upper teeth, and I cannot surely discriminate between N. mexicana and N. cinerea based on those teeth.

The Gymnogyps account has been rewritten due to the publication of Syverson and Prothero (2010) giving evidence that G. californianus and G. amplus are separate species. Most of the specimens from our region now are identified only to genus, though there is some poor evidence that G. amplus is represented in Dark Canyon Cave.


Last Update: 5 Jun 2010