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Changes, April to June 2012


This page documents meaningful changes between 1 April and 30 June 2012.

12 June 2012: Added section to the Lemmiscus curtatus account documenting the presence of the SAM Cave m1 morphotype from Dark Canyon Cave.

13 June 2012: Image of SAM Cave m1 morphotype (75-194) added to Lemmiscus account.

15 Jun 2012: Microtus cf. pennsylvanicus added to Dark Canyon Cave account.

20 Jun 2012: Photograph of Dark Canyon Cave added to the site account. Microtus mogollonensis added to the Balcony Room site of Dry Cave.

22 Jun 2012: Neotoma cinerea, Neotoma leucodon, and Neotoma micropus added to the Balcony Room account and taxa accounts for these updated.

23 Jun 2012: Added Ambystoma mavortium and Dipodomys spectabilis to the Balcony Room account and taxa accounts updated.

24 Jun 2012: Added Urocitellus elegans to Balcony Room account and updated taxon account.


Last Update: 24 June 2012