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Changes, April through June 2015


This page documents meaningful changes between 1 April and 30 June 2015.

Gypsum Cave has been altered. The following sites have been added or altered: South Crest Midden, Spires SP2, Spotted Ridge, Tule Springs 1 thru Tule Springs 6, Tule Springs Stein, Tule Springs Scraper, Tule Springs 2100W Trench, and Tule Springs General. Taxon accounts have not been updated as yet.

Slowly adding to taxon accounts.

8 Apr: Taxon accounts have been updated and with George Jefferson's updated Catalogue of late Quaternary fossil vertebrates having been made available to me, updating of Californian records have commenced.

11 May: Still adding Californian sites and taxon accounts from Jefferson's updated list. Also corrected the order and family for the Cyprinodontiformes (minnows).

27 Jun 27: Peromyscus pectoralis changed to P. laceianus as the populations north of the Rio Grande are elevated to specific status.

28 Jun: An addition to the Meleagris crassipes account was added to clarify that there was a voucher specimen for this species from Dark Canyon Cave.


Last Update: 28 Jun 2015