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Changes, August Through October 2019


This page documents meaningful changes between 1 Aug and 31 Oct 2019.

9-11 Apr. A number of minor changes. The only major changes involve the genus Mammut (mastodons)—a new species has been named, splitting mammoths from California and Idaho from M. americanus as members of the new species M. pacificus.

19 Aug. The taxonomic order that includes the shrews and moles has been updated from Soricomorpha to Eulipotyphla—the old name was inadvertently left as a heading. This now has been corrected.

20 Aug. Replaced several instances of "Soricomorpha" with "Eulipotyphla". Also a link on the Talpida page to Scapanus malatinus.

21 Sep. Updated the Tamiasciurus and dependent accounts to reflect current taxonomy.

10 Oct. Changes to the following accounts: Equus, Hylidae, Heloderma, Notiosorex, Lasiurus, Antrozous pallidus, Myotis sp. Tadarida brasiliensis. Also to Literature, Introduction, Carrigen Point, Larramandy North, Larramandy map, 111 Ranch, Térapa, and Copywrite.

30 Oct. Gasterustrius aculeatus from Bautista Badlands added.


Last Update: 30 Oct 2019