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Changes, February through April 2014


This page documents meaningful changes between 1 February and 30 April 2014.

1 Feb: The "Sites" page with links to the various sites, has been split to make smaller pages easier to navigate. The various sites in Los Angeles Co. that have been consolidated under three links have had the included sites added below the links. Likewise, three geographically unlocated sites in Riverside County have been consolidated under one link and the sites included have been added below the link.

Los Angeles Co. sites removed from the sites page as too cumbersome. Sites and associated taxon accounts have been completed for San Luis Obispo County and (alphabetically) up to San Miguel Island in Santa Barbara County. The latter site has a faunal list, but taxon accounts have not yet been done.

10 Feb: The taxon accounts for San Miguel Island have been completed.

Santa Barbara Island and Antelope Cave have had both site and taxon accounts done.

14 Feb: site accounts for Archer, Cadiz Dry Lake, Awl Site, Bedford Road, Big Bear Cutoff, Bitter Springs, Black Butte, Broadwell East, Broadwell West, and Calico Lakes have been entered along with the taxon accounts that go with them. A change from this point onward (and retrospectively as circumstance allows), extinct forms known only from the Pleistocene and recorded from mixed sites that include Holocene material will be listed in the appropriate Pleistocene age. Of course, if there is real reason to believe survival into the Holocene, this will be recorded and commented on.

16 Feb: Campbell Hill, Carbon Canyon and Chino entered and associated taxon accounts done. Cool Water 1 site account done, taxon accounts not done. For the time being, emphasis will be on site accounts, with associated taxon account done later.

21 Feb: The southern California sites now have been roughed out. Virtually all are from Jefferson 1991a and 1991b. In due time, publications after that date will be added. In the meantime, efforts will go toward bringing the taxon accounts up to date.

1 Mar: Slow progress is being made on updating taxon account; Currently, the taxa from Manix Lake are being updated.

12 Mar: Taxon accounts for the taxa listed in Jefferson (1991a, 1991b) have been completed and mapped. The next steps will be to expand the data from southern California and record the basic occurrences in extreme southern Nevada and in Baja California. Taxon accounts of Oncorhynchus mykiss, Chendytes lawi, Chendytes milleri Grus pagei have been expanded. A new site (Carrington Point, Santa Rosa Is.) has been added and includes a new taxon (Batrachoseps.

13 Mar: The Glen Abbey site and its contained taxa have been updated. Diamond Valley Lake Local Fauna has been added, but associated taxon accounts have not been completed.

18 Mar: Taxa associated with the Diamond Valley Lake Local Fauna have now been entered.

21 Mar: Working on Fish Creek/Vallecito Creek fauna from the Anza-Borrego State Park. Portions thus far done are tentative and subject to modification.

24 Mar: Reorganizing Anza-Borrego site account. It will be some time before the account is stabilized.

25 Mar: The first rough draft of the Anza-Borrego site has been completed, with individual taxon accounts started. It's anticipated that the site account will be refined as more data are acquired during up-dating of the taxon accounts.

31 Mar: Although further refinements are possible (as with all sites), the Anza-Borrego Desert site account is up to date. The lower vertebrates (all except the mammals) have had the related taxon accounts updated, and the taxon accounts for mammals is underway.

1 Apr: A policy change as been made in regard to listing Anza-Borrego "local ABD taxon nudum" (Murray 2008) in taxon accounts: they will be omitted from such accounts.

2 Apr: Neotoma b removed from the Anza-Borrego list as apparently pre-Pleistocene.

3 Apr: Continuing on mammalian taxon accounts, but also have made changes in the site account discussion and list.

6 Apr 2014: Hemiauchenia vera removed from the Anza-Borrego site account as being Hemphillian in age. Antilocapra americana has been added. The taxon accounts for the Anza-Borrego site have been completed.

8 Apr: Some changes have been made to the Anza-Borrego site account, including criteria for including taxa in the taxon accounts. Eutamias has been removed from the list as apparently pre-Pleistocene.

11 Apr: The site account for the San Timoteo Badlands has been entered; now working on taxon accounts.

13 Apr: Odocoileus hemionus substituted for O. cascensis in the San Timoteo Badlands account; taxon accounts for the San Timoteo Badland taxa completed.

Site account for Gypsum Ridge, San Bernardo Co., CA, is posted.

15 Apr: A few adjustments to the Gypsum Ridge account and completion of the taxon accounts for the site.

17 Apr: The site account for the Elsinore Fault Zone faunas has been completed.

21 Apr: The Mimomys unit of the Elsinore Fault Zone has had its associated taxon accounts completed.


24 Apr: All taxon accounts for the Elsinore Fault Zone have been completed. The Equus scotti taxon account has been modified with textual changes and additional images. Localities formerly for E. bautistensis added with consideration of that taxon as a synonym of E. scotti; E. bautistensis account removed.

26 Apr: Several taxa added to Kartchner Cave; Shasta Ground Sloth added to Vallecito Creek fauna.

25 Apr: Bautista Badlands account and associated taxon accounts entered.

28 Apr: Pintwater Cave, Nevada, added.

30 Apr: Several more Nevada sites have been added.

Last Update: 30 Apr 2014