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Changes, January through February 2013


This page documents meaningful changes between 1 January and 31 March 2013.

2 Jan 2013: Inclusion of Arizona in the site was initiated in November 2012. This is a long-term project, and site and taxon accounts should be considered incomplete for Arizona until advised otherwise.

3 Jan 2013: Lizard identifications from Fowlkes Cave (Parmley and Bahn 2012) have been added to the site account.

12 Jan 2013: Roughing out of Arizona site accounts have been completed and attention will shift toward taxon accounts. From this point on, changes, additions, and deletions will be recorded on the updates pages.

Taxon account data added for the following Arizona taxa: Catostomus discobolus; Ambystoma mavortium; Spea multiplicata; Scaphiopus couchii; Incilius nebulifer. Also, the maps of taxa that occur only in New Mexico and/or Trans-Pecos Texas are being replaced with the more recent maps showing the entire region. Conkling Cavern has been added to the Anaxyrus sp. taxon account.

13 Jan 2013: A taxon account for Hyla wrightorum has been added. The Lithobates account has been updated. The Terrapene and Trachemys accounts have been updated and the Kinosternon accounts added.

14 Jan 2013: Arizona material added to taxa accounts through Chelonia, plus Crotaphytus. The Coleonyx variegatus account has been added.

15 Jan 2013: Sauria through the Scincidae updated with Arizona data.

16 Jan 2013: Aspidoscelis accounts updated, and Serpentes through Salvadora.

17 Jan 2014: Remainder of Serpentes updated except for Natricidae.

19 Jan 2015: Finished updating Serpentes, Didelphis and Mammuthus.

20 Jan 2013: Taylor Gravel site added and taxa accounts updated through Dasypodidae.

21 Jan 2013: Ancha site added; taxa accounts updated through Ictidomys.

22 Jan 2013: Mammalian taxa updated through Dipodomys sp.; Prodipodomys accounts added.

23 Jan 2013: Mammalian taxa updated through Microtus sp.

24 Jan 2013: Mammalian taxa updated through Pliophenacomys.

25 Jan 2013: Mammalian taxa updated through Neotoma.

26 Jan 2013: Mammalian taxa updated through Peromyscus maniculatus

27 Jan 2013: Finished updating the Neotominae and through Sigmodon hispidus of Sigmodontinae.

28-29 Jan 2013: Finished updating taxon accounts with the Arizona data through Panthera onca.

30-31 Jan 2013: Finished updating taxon accounts with the Arizona data through the Mustelidae.

1-2 Feb 2013: Finished updating taxon accounts with the Arizona data through Hemiauchenia sp.

3-4 Feb 2013: Finished updating the mammalian taxon accounts and birds through Galliformes with the Arizona data.

5-6 Feb 2013: Patagioenas fasciata withdrawn from Dark Canyon Cave--assigned in error for Pratt Cave (reputedly Holocene). Arizona updates completed through Athene.

7-8 Feb 2013: Finished primary updating with the exception of adding a few taxa passed over earlier, mostly birds from Stanton's Cave. After adding these, efforts will be primarily in checking data and adding to taxon accounts where desirable; update data will be given in greater detail to allow more exact following of changes, additions, and deletions.

11 Feb 2013: Site account maps have been standardize to the Arizona/New Mexico/Trans-Pecos map.

12 Feb 2013: Desmodus stocki added to Rampart Cave. Bat Cave Mine added to sites with Tadarida sp. added. Paramylodon harlani added to Springerville site and taxon account. Sylvilagus audubonii and Lepus sp. added to Lehner Ranch.

13 Feb 2013: Adjustments made to a number of sites and taxon accounts with Sylvilagus records. Mead et al. (2005) list a number of occurrences of under S. audubonii, but some of these were noted as "sp."; thus it is uncertain whether they reidentified these or are assuming they represent S. audubonii. I have now listed these cases as Sylvilagus sp. Erethizon dorsata added to Wolcott Peak. Thomomys sp. added to Pit Stop Quarry. Skull, Sandblast, and Skylight cave and associated taxa have major changes (a long-awaited library loan came through). The faunal lists have been updated, but taxon accounts for the most part have not.

14 Feb 2013: Sciurus aberti changed to Sciurus sp. to conform to Emslie 1988.

14-15 Feb 2013: Taxon accounts for Skull, Sandblast, and Skylight caves updated. Perognathus gidleyi, Onychomys pedroensis, and Neotoma taylori accounts added.

16 Feb 2013: Peromyscus hagermanensis, Reithrodontomys galushai, Repomys arizonensis, Neochoerus sp., Neochoerus dichroplax, and Reithrodontomys rexroadensis added to taxon accounts. The Sigmodon medius account was updated.

17 Feb 2013: Hypolagus arizonensis, Chasmaporthetes ossifragus, Homotherium sp., and Sylvilagus cunicularius added to taxon accounts.

18 Feb 2013: Borophagus diversidens and Equus cumminsii taxon accounts added.

19 Feb 2013: "?" added to Equus cumminsii account. Equus simplicidens account added. 111 Ranch added to the Nannippus account and Blancocamelus sp. from 111 Ranch added to the taxon account. Histiotus stocki, "Spermophilus" cochisei, and Lampropeltis intermedius accounts added. Added Snowflake to Castor sp. account.

20 Feb 2013: Added San Simon Fauna to Geomys persimilis account; added Coluber sp. to Coluber/Masticophis account; added California Wash to Masticophis sp. and Equus sp. accounts. Added Tremarctos sp., Alilepus wilsoni, Crotalus molossus/i>, Geomys minor, Mictomys sp., Mictomys vetus, Xenosmilus sp., and "Anancus" bensonensis accounts.

21 Feb 2013: Added Taxidea sp., Megatylopus cochrani, Bretzia sp. and Procyon sp. accounts. San Simon Fauna added to Platygonus sp. and Hemiauchenia sp. accounts.

22 Feb 2013: Virden removed from the Stegomastodon mirificus account—unable to locate a literature citation. Piñon and Placitas sites added to Mammut americanum account. Entrance Chamber (Dry Cave) added to the Perognathus sp. account.

23 Feb 2013: Dipodomys merriami from New Water Mts. changed to Dipodomys sp. to agree with original report.

25 Feb 2013: California Wash added to the Masticophis sp. account (mapped but not listed earlier).

26 Feb 2013: Bat Cave in Grand Canyon removed from Tadarida constantinei account, where it was entered in error. Stanton's and Sandblast caves moved to correct timeframe in Notiosorex account. Muav Caves added to the Nothrotherium shastensis account and "? gen." added to Nichols record. New Water Mountains locality switched from Sylvilagus audubonii to Sylvilagus sp. Rampart Cave moved from Late Wisconsin/Holocene to Late Wisconsin. Tooth Cave added to the Rancholabrean of Marmota flaviventris. Several localities added to Thomomys sp. that were missed on the first pass; Picacho Peak added to the Thomomys bottae account. Added Murray Springs to the Chaetodipus/Perognathus account. Vulture Cave added to the Chaetodipus intermedius account. New Water Mountains added to Dipodomys sp. account. Wolcott Peak added to Dipodomys merriami account.

27 Feb 2013: Added Sceloporus sp., Microtus sp., Neotoma cf. devia/lepida and cf. Reithrodontomys to Nankoweap Canyon account and to associated taxon accounts. Added Artillery Mountains B. Burro Canyon in the Peromyscus account moved from Late Wisconsin/Holocene to Late Wisconsin. Peromyscus added to the New Water Mountains account.

Chaetodipus/Perognathus, Neotoma albigula, Onychomys torridus, Sigmodon ochrognathus, and Peromyscus sp. added to the Wolcott Peak account. Onychomys leucogaster added to the Papago Springs account. Neotoma sp. added to Vulture Cave account. Sandblast Cave added to Microtus sp. account. Double Adobe added to Ondatra zibethicus account. Dire Wolf added to Lehner Ranch account. Mammuthus columbi removed from Lewis Hill account. Readjusted a number of Mammuthus sites to reflect probable ages.

28 Feb 2013: Canis latrans added to Lehner Ranch


Last Update: 18 Mar 2013