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Changes, January - March 2010


This page documents meaningful changes between 1 January and 31 March 2010.

2 Jan 2010: A paragraph has been added to the "Introduction: Pleistocene Vertebrate Taxa" concerning identification of fossil material, especially herpetological material. Sentences guiding the reader to those comments also have been placed on the "Anura" and "Squamata" taxonomic pages.

4 Jan 2010: A few comments on the Blancan and minor changes to the Irvingtonian accounts in "Environments" have been made.

6 Jan 2010: Toyah (Reeves Co., TX) has been added to the site accounts and to the taxonomic account of Mammuthus columbi.

7 Jan 2010: Updated squirrel names in illustration captions on the Sciuridae page.

8 Jan 2010: Ambystoma mavortium and images of vertebrae added to Dark Canyon Cave and the cave added to the taxon account.

13 Jan 2010: Some data from E. B. Howard (1935) added to the Burnet Cave site account and inaccurate data on that publication corrected in the literature.

14 Jan 2010: An image showing two difference between Microtus mogollonensis and other Southwestern species of Microtus has been posted to the M. mogollonensis taxon account.

24 Jan 2010: Neotoma cinerea added to Robledo Cave account and taxon account.

29 Jan 2010: Corrected a link on the mammal menu to correctly point toward the Equidae instead of toward Equus.

15 Feb 2010: Four photographs of Robledo Cave added to the site account.

3 Mar 2010: Updated menu on the Colubridae page to reflect the split in Trimorphodon (with our regional species now recognized as T. vilkinsonii rather than T. biscutatus. A mis-spelling of a species epithet was corrected on the Crotalus page (oregonus corrected to oreganus) and comments added to the Crotalus and Crotalus viridis accounts.

9 Mar 2010: Changed order of Galliformes families in the bird index to conform to the 50th supplement of the AOU checklist.

18 Mar 2010: Photograph of the opening of the Aden Crater fumarole added to the site account, figure 1 replaced with a more accurate location of the fumarole, and location data changed slightly.


Last Update: 18 Mar 2010