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Changes, July - September 2009


This page documents meaningful changes between 1 July and 30 September 2009.

4 Jul 2009: Last of major changes to the Pendejo Cave site account and modification of taxon accounts to agree with the modifications. Current geographic range map added to the Brachylagus account.

5 Jul 2009: Current geographic range maps added for Marmota flaviventris and Thomomys talpoides.

14 Jul 2009: Changed nomenclature of the regional Trimorphodon (to T. vilkinsoni) in the species and site accounts.

11 Aug 2009: A satellite image and paleoecological data were added to the White Lake site account.

15 Aug 2009: Dry Cave Entrance Chamber site account added (mostly Holocene, some Pleistocene).

18 Aug 2009: Nomenclatural changes to two bufonid genera made: Ollotis alvaria changed to Incilius alvarius and Ollotis nebulifer to Incilius nebulifer.

26 Aug 2009: The Introduction has been rewritten to reflect the recent extension of the Pleistocene from 1.8 million years ago to 2.6 million years ago. This also has resulted in the addition of two faunas to the Pleistocene record: Mesilla Basin Fauna B, and Santo Domingo. The sites have been added, but the taxonomic accounts are still being worked on.

31 Aug 2009: Taxonomic accounts for those added on 26 Aug have been completed; some other minor changes to the taxonomic accounts. A photograph (presumed M. imperator) has been added to the Mammuthus account along with some additional text. The introduction to taxa has had portions updated to bring it into consistency with the revised definition of the Pleistocene.

1 Sep 2009: Salt Creek added to the site accounts and taxon accounts updated to include Salt Creek. Photographs of modern Ictidomys tridecemlineatus and Ammospermophilus leucurus added to taxon accounts.

2 Sep 2009: Photograph of guano deposit with fossil bat remains added to Slaughter Canyon Cave account.

7 Sep 2009: The Neotoma accounts have been moved to separate pages and various changes made to several of the pages

25 Sep 2009: Comments added to the Panthera atrox species account in light of the publication of Christiansen and Harris' 2009 publication.

26 Sep 2009: Further comments added to the Panthera atrox account, with an additional citation regarding relationships.


Last Update: 26 Sep 2009