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Changes, July-September 2010


This page documents meaningful changes between 1 July and 30 September 2010.

6 July: A paragraph noting some of the difficulties resulting from nomenclatural and taxonomic changes has been added to the "Taxa Introduction" section. Several updates were made to the VLA site and associated faunal accounts (primarily Mammuthus sp. to Mammuthus columbi and Ambystoma sp. to the Ambystoma account.

7 July: Minor changes made to the Lake San Agustín site page. Additions were made to the Lemitar site page, including changing the identification of Equus niobrarensis to E. scotti; the species pages of those species were adjusted for the new information.

8 July: A few comments added to the Fite Ranch page. A new site account (Indian Well Wilderness) added.

18 Jul 2010: With the publication and description of two new species of Notiosorex (Carraway 2010), major changes were introduced affecting the "Soricidae" and the "Notiosorex" pages. Notiosorex crawfordi is removed from the fossil record, replaced by N. dalquesti or N. harrisi. Site accounts having Notiosorex have been changed to reflect the new identifications and comments have been added where appropriate.

19 Jul 2010: A different, cleaner image of N. harrisi has been substituted for that of 18 Jul.

29 Jul 2010: Geographic location and elevation is added to the Burnet Cave site page.

9 Aug 2010: A graph plotting alveolar length of the dentary toothrow against dentary depth at p4 of fossil Sylvilagushas been added to the Sylvilagus page.

10 Aug 2010: An image of a typical Sylvilagus nuttallii dentary has been added to the account of that species.

13 Aug 2010: Elevation added to the Dust Cave account.

22 Aug 2010: Corrected the elevation for Big Manhole Cave (to 1280 m), which inexplicably (other than by human error) has been showing a higher elevation.

24 Aug 2010: Added Sorex neomexicanus to the faunal list for Big Manhole Cave and the site added to the Big Manhole Cave account.

29 Aug 2010: Onychomys arenicola added to the Lower Sloth Cave account and the cave to the Onychomys arenicola account.

31 Aug 2010: Fig. 2 in the Capromeryx account, a cluster analysis of first phalanges, has been replaced with a figure showing two additional specimens, including one of Capromeryx and one of Antilocapra americana. Fig. 2 of Antilocapridae is replaced with an entire phalanx III of Capromeryx shown instead of the damaged one.

4 Sep 2010: A number of taxa have been added to the Sierra Diablo site account. Updating taxon accounts of the additions will be undertaken as time allows; currently, only the Gopherus account has been updated.

6 Sep 2010: Some changes have been made to the species list of Sierra Diablo Cave. All species accounts and maps for Sierra Diablo Cave taxa now have been updated.

8 Sep 2010: Asterisks have been added to those in the Sierra Diablo Cave faunal list believed to occur in the vicinity historically; an explanatory paragraph also has been added to the account. Peromyscus nasutus has been added to the Sierra Diablo Cave faunal list and noted on the taxon account.

9 Sep 2010: Additional remarks added to the Peromyscus nasutus account and the Sierra Diablo Cave locality is added to the map.

14 Sep 2010: Onychomys leucogaster, Sigmodon cf. ochrognathus, and Vulpes cf. macrotis added to the Sierra Diablo faunal list, with concomitant changes in the taxon accounts.

17 Sec 2010: Additional data added to the Bat Cave account.

22 Sep 2010: Additional text and taxon records added to the Bat Cave account, with adjustments of taxonomic accounts.

23 Sep 2010: Adjustments to the Mustelidae and Mustela pages to remove Neovison vison from the Mustela page and put it on a page by itself. Aside from removing the mink to its own page, changes primarily were in the links. However, figures on the mink page were rearranged to prevent overlap on small screens.


Last Update: 23 Sep 2010