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Changes, July - September 2011


This page documents meaningful changes between 1 July and 30 September 2011.

1 Jul 2011: Gopherus agassizii records in New Mexico changed to Gopherus morafkai with the erection of a new species to replace what formerly had been considered eastern populations of G. agassizii; taxon and site accounts changed to reflect the new situation.

20 Jul 2011: A new literature citation and brief comment have been added to the Chelonia page, expanding the explanation for accepting Chelonia as a class separate from Reptilia.

5 Aug 2011: The Tramperos Creek site has been expanded slightly and Capromeryx minor changed to C. furcifer. The Capromeryx sites and account have been updated, with C. minor changed to C. furcifer, following a newly published paper by White and Morgan. The elevation of Sandia Cave has been changed to reflect the figure given in White and Morgan (2011).

8 Aug 2011: "Rana" changed to "Lithobates" in the Tramperos Creek account.

16 Aug 2011: Major changes in the Peromyscus accounts are being implemented over the next few days, with attendant instability.

28 Aug 2011: The revisions of Peromyscus boylii and Peromyscus boylii have been completed.

30 Aug 2011: The Peromyscus accounts have been updated (site accounts need to be doublechecked).

5 Sep 2011: The Stegomastodon account has been altered somewhat following publication of two papers in 2011.

6 Sep 2011: Mesilla Basin Fauna B and Mesilla Basin Fauna C have been renamed as La Union and Adobe Ranch, respectively, to bring site nomenclature into accord with Morgan (2008). Paramylodon cf. garbanii is introduced as a replacement for the name of the smaller species of Paramylodon and replaces P. ? harlani in the La Union Fauna.

7 Sep 2011: Site account for Gutierrez Gravel Pit updated, including changing Megalonyx wheatleyi to "cf." status and Equus sp. to E. scotti.

8-9 Sep 2011: Finished updating all of the sloth pages and changing the Mesilla Basin localities to La Union and Adobe Ranch as needed throughout. Also, the search engine has been updated. Also, a new site (Kelly Canyon) added.

17 Sep 2011: A new site (Caballo) has been added; taxon account have not yet been updated.

18 Sep 2011: a few more comments on the Kelly Canyon site have been added. The Virden site account has been updated, with addition of a number of taxa; taxonomic accounts have not be updated to reflect this as yet, however.

26 Sep 2011: All taxon and site accounts involving Caballo, Kelly Canyon, and Virden have been updated to 2011.


Last Update: 26 Sep 2011