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Changes, July through September 2015


This page documents meaningful changes between July through September 2015.

2 July: Notiosorex sp., Tadarida brasiliensis, Antrozous pallidus, Lasiurus sp., and Myotis sp. have been added to Térapa, Sonora, and taxon accounts updated accordingly. The site of Tesopaco was added with Equus conversidens.

3 Jul: Added Equus conversidens and E. scotti to Térapa site.

29 Sep: Canovas Creek site added and taxa accounts brought to date. Small changes were made to the Equus and Virden accounts.


22 Jul: Since Jefferson 2014 is not available to the general public, I am adding literature sources (taken from Jefferson 2014) to selected southern California site accounts.

Last Update: 29 Sep 2015