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Changes, March-April 2013


This page documents meaningful changes between 1 March and 30 April 2013.

The Tapirus taxonomic account was rewritten and new maps created to take into account different interpretations of tapir systematics. Anaconda Pit, Billy Site, and Bear Butte site accounts added. Camelops added to San Rafael Aqueduct. Equus added to Schaldack.

2 Mar 2013: Added Cat Wash to the site accounts. Missing citation for Catostomus discobolus repaired.

4 Mar 2013: A number of minor changes (typographical errors, format problems, missing literature citations, etc.) not affecting primary data. The distribution map for Gopherus sp. has been corrected (Caballo out of place).

5-18 Mar 2013: Continuing as above, including some changes in narrative to jibe with the addition of Arizona data. Finished going through Mammalia on the 18th.

19-21 Mar 2013: Finished going through Aves. Adding material on Mammut and Mammuthus from Agenbroad et al. 2013. Includes a number of sites for mammoth in Arizona to be added.

23 Mar 2013: Finished adding material from Agenbroad et al. (2013).

24-25 Mar 2013: Localities having only Mammuthus marked with (M) and those having only Equus sp. marked with (E) on site index. County map of Arizona added (link on Sites Index page). Search database brought up to date as of 24 Mar.

26 Mar 2013: County maps of New Mexico and Trans-Pecos Texas added (links on Sites Index Page). Number of Pleistocene sites added for each county in Arizona.

27 Mar 2013: County map for the Trans-Pecos corrected (portion of Val Verde County in the Trans-Pecos had been omitted) and number of sites per county added to the New Mexico and Trans-Pecos Texas maps. In the Willcox site account, added information from an early (1926) account.

28 Mar 2013: "Anancus" bensonensis in the California Wash account changed to Cuvieronius bensonensis, but with a footnote by Morgan and White (2005) indicating that which taxon "Anancus" bensonensis belongs to is unknown.

6 April 2013: Links to Encino Blowouts, Model T, Nash Draw, and Encino added to sites index. Several earlier edition maps replaced with the Arizona-New Mexico-Trans-Pecos Texas map.

14 April 2013: Link to Callisaurus draconoides added to reptile index.

21 April 2013: Chupadera Arroyo, Estancia Sand Pit, and Keen Spring (all NM) added.

24 Apr 2013: Shelter Cave identification changed from Spilogale gracilis/putorius to Spilogale gracilis on basis of Hall's (1936) identification.

25 Apr 2013: Rancho Creek, Taos Co., NM, added (Mammut americanum).

26 Apr 2013: Added site map to Sacramento Mountains account. Sites of Mastodon and Kilbourne Hole, NM, added.


Last Update: 26 Apr 2013